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GTA 6 is rumored to have a new setting known as "Project Americas," which includes locations in both Vice City and South America.

Project Americas Setting

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Besides Vice City, there might be other nods to previous GTA titles, allowing players to revisit familiar locations and characters.

Nostalgic Returns

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Enhancements in wildlife, making the game world feel more alive with a variety of animals and ecosystems.


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GTA Online is likely to receive significant updates in GTA 6, with expanded multiplayer features and activities.

Expanded Multiplayer

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GTA games are known for hidden secrets and mysteries, and GTA 6 is likely to continue this tradition with intriguing map secrets and Easter eggs.

Map Mysteries

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Rockstar Games might incorporate more advanced AI for both pedestrians and law enforcement, making the game world feel more dynamic.

Advanced AI

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GTA 6 might offer players the ability to purchase and customize apartments, similar to GTA Online.


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The return of the ability to dual-wield weapons for more intense combat experiences

Dual Weilding

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A more complex and branching storyline with player choices that impact the narrative could be a significant addition to the game.

Branching Storylines

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Expect a wider range of customization options for characters, vehicles, and properties, allowing players to create unique experiences.

Expanded Customization

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Enhanced weather systems, including realistic rain, storms, and day-night cycles, could add depth and realism to the game world.

Dynamic Weather

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Taking full advantage of next-gen hardware, GTA 6 is anticipated to offer stunning graphics, pushing the boundaries of visual realism.

Improved graphics

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