Don't miss this celestial activity of Mercury and Venus on 13 Jan 2024

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Moksh Rajput

Dec 26, 2023

On 13 Jan, 2024 Mercury and Venus will be in Celestial Footrace before sunrise.

 These two bright planets shine from the southeast before daybreak

Mercury will be overtaken by Venus.

These planets will be at a gap of 11.4° 

This celestial footrace can be located by shining Venus about 15° up in the southeast at forty-five minutes before daybreak.

The Morning Star will step eastward in front of Ophiuchus, 9.9° to the left of Antares, the brightest star in Scorpius.

Bright Mercury is at the lower left of Venus and nearly 8° above the southeast horizon

As Mercury rounds its orbit and begins to plunge back into morning twilight, it seems to slow its quick motion against the starry background.

This gives Venus an opportunity to overtake the solar system’s innermost world.

The two planets will move eastward at about the same pace, maintaining a separation of 11.1° before Mercury speeds away.

Watch this celestial footrace activity each clear morning.

After sunset, a lovely crescent moon, 8% illuminated, is over 15° up in the southwest.

The star Deneb Algedi, representing Capricornus’ tail, is 3.4° to the lower right to the moon

This beautiful effect can be easily seen by a binocular or may be with a 100X zoom camera.