historian uncovers the true origins of the ‘image of the century’

Moksh Rajput

Nov 20, 2023

Solar Cycle 25 is expected to reach its maximum activity in July 2025, with a forecasted peak of 115 sunspots.

This may result in increased solar flares and intense solar storms

Recent research suggests that the sun may reach the peak of its current solar cycle in 2024, a year earlier than the official predictions

Solar storms can interfere with communication systems on Earth, leading to disruptions in satellite communication, GPS systems, and radio signals

5 mind boggling facts about NASA and ISRO's joint satellite mission in 2024

The leaked map of GTA 6 can set new records.

Ayush Singh

Nov 28, 2023

As Solar Cycle 25 progresses, solar events, such as sunspots, will continue to increase, impacting technology on Earth and satellites in space

The forecasted solar storm in 2025 poses a risk of mass power cuts, potentially impacting electrical grids and infrastructure on a large scale

Peak solar activity is arriving sooner than expected, and the sun is displaying a feistier behavior than initially projected

A strong solar storm could lead to a rare event described as an "Internet Apocalypse," affecting the interconnected world and causing widespread internet disruptions

A YouTube video titled "How Active Will the Sun Get in 2025?" provides a visual exploration of the anticipated solar activity in 2025, offering additional insights

The potential for mass power cuts and communication disruptions could result in trillions of dollars in damages, impacting various sectors of the economy

NASA predicts radio and GPS blackout on November 30. Know why

The leaked map of GTA 6 can set new records.

Ayush Singh

Nov 28, 2023