iPhone 15 Pro Max Mute Switch Replaced by Action Button! More leaks here

Apple iPhone 15 pro max

Apple iPhone 15 pro max

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Mute Switch Replaced by Action Button! More leaks here

Iphone manufacturing company Apple leaked a key feature of iPhone 15 Pro models The Code snippets from the fourth iOS 17 beta update, released to developers, shed light on the capabilities of the Action Button.

Apple is bringing significant changes with the upcoming iPhone 15 series. As per the leaks The physical mute switch that has been a familiar with old iPhones for years is replaced by a new “Action Button.” It also rumours that this button is fully programmable and advanced setting were in devices. its exact functions is still a mystery.

According to some official sources the Action Button is capable of operating in nine different functions. It is possible that the action button can be used in gaming also. Among these possibilities is the ability for users to quickly access accessibility features.Users may be able to run any shortcuts they have created directly from the Action Button.

iPhone 15 pro max

The Action Button may use as a quick switch to turn on the phone’s flashlight, a feature that has proven useful in various situations. A particularly interesting function that may be used to the Action Button is the ability to turn the Focus mode on or off. As mental well-being and digital detox become increasingly important, this button could offer users a lineant way to manage their device’s notifications and remove distractions.


CHARGING PIN – It is expected that iphone lighting charging pins were replaced by type-c ports.

CAMERA MODULES – The iPhone 15 series will have a next level camera and picture experience because now iphone 15 series adopted periscopic camera modules which supports optical zoom upto 5-6x.

LIGHTNING FAST PROCESSOR – Although iPhones have a powerful processors but now Apple is upgrading on Lightning fast A17 bionic chipset with is very powerful processors.

DYNAMIC ISLANDS – It is expected that iPhone will give dynamic islands notch to all phones in this series even in standard iPhone 15 model. Earlier iPhone only gives dynamic island in pro Max models in 2022.

BIGGER BATTERY – It is a confirmed leak that Apple had worked on its battery efficiency and increased the battery life by 18% so we can spend long time without adaptor.

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