Elon musk shared Tesla phone on Twitter! It can be used from Mars and connected with starlink satellite

Tesla Phone

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tuesday shares a photo of Tesla Phone on Twitter and asked his followers if they would they like to use the phone which comes X pre-installed.

The Tesla CEO informed in a reply to a follower asked ‘he wanted to have the phone if it’s a satellite phone is connected to the starlink.’ musk replied that the phone would likely to have connected to Starlink as it only makes sense.

One of the follower wants to know the size and weight of the Tesla phone. He tweeted he would love to use the Tesla phone if“It it’s the same size and weight as my beloved iPhone 12 mini.” On which Tesla CEO Musk replied that the phone “would only be better! Never worse.”

Elon Musk

Replying to another user who wanted to know about the Starlink connectivity “Starlink anywhere in the world…$100/mo unlimited and I am there!” On which the Tesla CEO said it“would be quite incredible. Maybe you could use it from Mars!”

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