iPhone 15 price and 8 things that you must know about this mind-blowing smartphone series!

iPhone 15 price

Apple has hosted its flagship event in every September, during which the reveals about the new iPhone lineup as well as other apple gadgets. While the last few iPhone series have not changed alot from previous versions, but the iPhone 15 series is expected to bring a huge leap over last series models. Here are 8 new changes that we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 15 series.

  1. Titanium frame: This is the latest leak we know about the 15 series. The iPhone 15 and pro models are said to Carry the iPhone 14 series design, with a flat aluminium frame, and dual-camera setup on the back. The flagship iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the first set of iPhones to use a titanium frame.
  2. Dynamic Island & ultra-thin bezels: Like the iPhone 14 Pro series, all variants of the iPhone 15 series will give a modern display with a capsule-shaped cutout. The iPhone 15 Pro series will make use of the new LIPO display technology to further reduce the size of the bezels to 1.5mm.
  3. Action button: Apple iPhone 15 Pro series has replaced the mute switch with a programmable action button, which can be use for multipurpose. But the standard models will continue to offer the same old mute switch, which has been a part of iPhones since the first model.
  4. USB Type-C port: All variants of the iPhone 15 have changed the lightning pin with a new USB Type-C port. But it is known that only the Pro models will have a faster USB 3.2 data transfer rate while the same will be limited to just USB 2.0 standard models
  5. 8 GB RAM: Apple will include 8 GB of RAM on the iPhone 15 Pro series.But The iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus will continue to offer 6 GB of RAM, and the base variants of the all four iPhone 15 models are likely to offer 128 GB of internal storage.
  6. Periscope telephoto zoom lens: Apple is taking the iPhone photography to next level with high-end iPhone models are likely to get a high-resolution 48 MP wide-angle camera. And the Phone 15 Pro Max will be the first iPhone to include a periscope zoom lens with 5/6x optical zoom lens.
  7. Repair-friendly design: Apple introduced a new repair-friendly design with the iPhone 14 series. the same design language will be expanded to all four variants of the iPhone 15 series, making it easier to swap the back panel, battery, and display.
    • LiDAR scanner: LiDAR has been a part of the iPhone Pro series since the iPhone 12 lineup and with, New series have the improved sensor from Sony is said to enhance 3D depth mapping, resulting in better portrait shots and AR app

Apple generally announce its new iPhones and Apple Watches in mid-September. They’ll be going up against Samsung’s new lineup of folding and flipping phones. It is likely to launch event 2023 take place in September too.

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