Hyundai launching flying car soon; know details

flying car

Hyundai flying car: Hyundai recently proposed a flying car with a detachable drone. The company has proposed an idea to merge its two ideas of a ground and an air vehicle for developing innovative ways of transport. this will be the futuristic car of the company, a car attached with a drone that can be detached if needed.


The flying car will have an electric motor and will run on battery which is not mentioned yet by Hyundai. According to the reports, it will run on a speed of more than 100Km/h.

Hyundai flying car

According to some reports it can me introduced in the Indian market by the end of the year 2025. However, the information is not confirmed yet. The car will Fly and will run on road after detaching the flying parts.

Earlier Swedish company Jetson had launched an electric car that looks like a drone which is costed $98,000 (about ₹80.19lakh) . It takes off and land vertically and according to media’s report its flying time is about 20 minutes which is quiet good for a battery powered drone car.

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