Jaunty EV Scooter ruling EV section with its 100km range on a single charge

Jaunty EV Scooter

Jaunty EV Scooter: the demand for Electric vehicle in Indian market is increasing day by day. Due to rising petrol price, low speed EV are in trend these days. these EV scooter is providing a better option. Jaunty electric scooter is a cool scooter in this segment. Here’s the information about the price and features of this electric scooter. the scooter is available in 2 wheel and 3 wheel drive.

Jaunty EV Scooter’s Power and Speed

 the scooter is available in the market starting from ₹65,064 to ₹90,064 lakh ex-showroom. This powerful EV Scooter has a 249 W power battery which gives a top speed of 25 km/h.

Jaunty EV Scooter 3 wheeler

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Battery Capacity

The battery of the Jaunty EV Scooter takes 6 hours to get fully charged which is common for the electric scooter in this range. This scooter is available in the market in two battery packs 60V26Ah and 60V32Ah. 249 power motor has been given in this scooter.

Safety and Styling

Jaunty EV scooter runs up to 100 km on a single charge. Keeping in mind the safety of the driver, it has disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. Its seat height is 730 mm, so that people with low height can also ride it easily.

Brakes effectiveness

Disc brake helps in stopping the high speed two wheeler. As soon as disc brakes are fitted, they prove to be effective in stopping the two-wheeler. ABS with disc brakes is effective in preventing road accidents. While ABS cannot be fitted with drum brakes.

Sudden braking provides the driver ample time to take control over the vehicle in compare to the normal braking system The ABS system regulates from wheel sensors. During Monsoon the ABS gets activated to curb tire slip accident. This prevents skidding and lock-up in slippery conditions.

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