Know Complete Information About Car and Bike Insurance: Which Policy Is Right for You in 2024?

Nowadays, taking car and bike insurance is common, but choosing the right insurance policy is not within everyone’s reach. When we buy a new car, we take the insurance as per the dealer’s advice, but at the time of renewal, we face problem in choosing the right insurance. In this blog, we will answer all these questions and tell which insurance policy is right for you in 2024.

Types of Car Insurance

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance covers only the front-party’s expenses. Damage to your vehicle is not covered.

Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers the expenses of both you and the other person. This insurance is better but its premium is also higher.

Necessary cover

Return to Invoice (RTI)

Under RTI cover, if there is any major damage to your vehicle or the vehicle is stolen, then you get its original price. This cover is included in comprehensive insurance.

Zero Depreciation Cover

In this cover, you get the full claim even if the value of the vehicle decreases. This cover is for five years and increases your premium by 15-20%.

Consumables Cover

This cover covers nuts, bolts, AC clamps, grease etc. This cover is cheap and very useful in times of large losses.

Road Side Assistance

Under Road Side Assistance cover, you get help in case your vehicle breaks down. It also comes free with many credit cards.

other covers

Engine Protect

tire cover

Lock Set Replacement

These covers are not necessary, but you can get them if needed.

How to choose the best policy in 2024?

Claim Settlement Ratio

It is important to see the claim settlement ratio to see how many people out of 100 have received the claim.

Network Garage

The more garages there are in the network, the better the cashless claim will be.

ICR (Incurred Claim Ratio)

ICR tells what percentage of the premium taken by the company has been given back in the form of claim. ICR reveals the financial health of the company. A company with ICR less than 70% is making profit.


Choosing the right insurance policy is not easy, but with the right information and understanding, you can choose the best policy for yourself. Using the tips and information given above, you can choose the right insurance policy as per your needs.

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